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Pendergast at a Glance

Pendergast Elementary School is a kindergarten - 8th grade school located in the West Valley of Phoenix. We are proud to be an Apple ConnectEd School. Pendergast was chosen from the thousands of schools across the country to be fully funded for an Apple 1 to 1 implementation with all of the most current Apple technology and teaching strategies to best support our staff and students. Students have been able to use their access to technology as they learn and grow at Pendergast. We are also very proud of our Sustainability Academy. Through our academy, Pendergast students are engaged in activities and lessons to: promote the conscientious use of our planet’s non/renewable resources, support students as they attain a thoughtful regard for the environment, and develop / implement an innovative use of materials and technologies to support student success. We invite you to join the Pendergast family!